Sunday, March 25, 2012

Social Addictions

Drug addict.  Alcohol addict.  Nicotine Addict.  Sex Addict.  Food Addict.  When we talk about addictions, it's usually the first two that come up the most often.  And most often it's "other people" that are affected - those that most "middle class" people don't see on a day to day basis.  But what about social addictions?  Things that millions of people can't live without or do compulsively without understanding why they do it, but no one wants to call it for what it is - an addiction?

How many people can leave their cellphones/smartphones/tablets at home without feeling naked and disconnected from the world?  I mean, you could physically speak and interact with about 200 people in a 24 hour period, but if you can't respond to that ping, facebook or bbm message in the time it takes you to ask your next door neighbour of 20 years if you could borrow a cup of sugar, you feel like the world is coming to an end.

And I'm not even gonna talk about those people that need to take their phones with them when they're taking a poop.  I heard you can get E. Coli through your ear canal.

Then there's social drinking. 

I'm not talking about going out and having a glass of wine or two on the weekend with dinner, I'm talking about those binge drinkers that say "I don't have a problem if I'm only drinking two cases of beer on a Saturday night and always seem to wake up in a pile of vomit on Sunday morning with a stranger in my bed.  It's not like I'm drinking every night to wash away the pain of my lowly existence like a real alcoholic.  Now they have a problem, not me".  My friend, social drinking, when not done in moderation, is a social addiction.

Then there's gossiping and cyber bullying.

We only like to address these kinds of things when it comes to school kids.  But really when you think about it, adults are the biggest - and most hypocritical - bullies out there.  Shoot, it's a business.  How's TMZ, reality TV, Twitter, YouTube comments, blogs (including this one), talk radio, and the media, more than just avenues to bash, critique, and abuse other human beings for our entertainment?

We are socially conditioned - and addicted - to hate.


  1. Socially hate.

    That truth stings.

    Hate, judge, form opinions, and never have to justify or answer for them.
    I can 'like' a friend's Facebook photos from their trip to Indonesia and feel as though I've connected with my friend and shared their experience.

    In the same way, lots of people will read your blog and agree or violently disagree with you without commenting or starting a dialogue. At least you get us thinking.

  2. Congratulations Christopher on your philosophy and direction. It's nice to see a young man who is seeking knowledge and truth. In 1968 we designed & implemented our own theory "SASA" (Social Addiction Self Analysis)through "TNT" (Training Not Treatment) to over 20,000 clinical patients (alcohol/drug/psychiatric)etc; resulting in a 97% success rate. Do view our website:
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