Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Believe It or Not: How to Catch Your Man/Woman Cheating, 101

***Nudity and foul language alert***

Some people don't believe in obeah or black magic or voodoo or whatever.  If you're a cosmic horner man/cheater/adulterer, you might want to think twice before you decide to stick it in (or for the ladies, who you let stick it in) if they ain't your monogamous partner.

Might get your mushroom cooked.

Watch the commentary video first with the light skinned twins.


Who do those twins remind you of?


  1. The two dudes are creepier than the story itself.

  2. I like the part where the girl is lying there checking the messages on her cell phone. lol

  3. haha, man I didn't even see that, lololol.

  4. 1) this would happen in Kenya.
    2) I agree with Kendra. They have a vague resemblance to these two Disney villains:

  5. So true I'm gonna have to edit this post to put it up, lolololol.