Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Lightning: Usain Bolt Got a White Wifey

First off, I don't even know why this is really news, but hey, Black men with White women will always be a point of contention for some people in the world. 

Is it just me, or is the Local about the same colour as the Slovakian Fashion Designer?

Here's the gist of the story: Bolt is - supposedly - dating a White Ryerson graduate from Slovakia by-way-of Canada named Lubica Slovak (Slovak from Slovakia?  Like being named Christopher Nigger from Nigeria).  Lubica's a fashion designer and good friends of one of my favourite Jamaican artistes, Tami Chynn.  Long story short, there are some Jamaicans out there who are vex (upset, angry) that Bolt got some money and went White.  (If Lubica happens to stumble on this post, please clarify the shoddy reporting in the article.)

So since it's a lead up to the Olympics, I've decided to make a list of Black Jamaican approved women for Mr. Bolt to date.  This list is in no particular order.

Patra: Lubica, I hope you can dip and fall back.

Lady Saw: Lubica, she'll take your man.

Tanya Stephens: Lubica, it's a pity you're White.  I wonder if you were a White Jamaican how that would roll?

Portia Simpson-Miller: If the Prime Minister can dibble dabble in the White foreign pool, I think you're alright.


  1. lol list of approved women. Why couldnt you pick any of the good looking ones... like Alaine? (That's all who come to mind actually.)

    Would it be the same kind of controversy if he were dating Tami Chynn?

  2. I think them just jealous they can't get at he money. Which is just as stupid

  3. Alaine and? lol.

    I wonder if they would be upset at Tami Chynn and if Wayne Marshall got some kind of backlash for being with her.

    And I wonder if he dated someone like Allyson Felix or ex-Jamaican Sanya Richards (who's married and who JAs booed for running for the US anyways) how people would be. Or better yet, if he went Hollywood and dated Jennifer Lopez or Heidi Klum.

    And ya, they all want some of his Euro money. Cause let's face it, he's making all his money from Europe anyways. He's just paying his debt back to society by dating a European.

    Hmmm, and I wonder if he dated a Kenyan marathon runner and decided to up and move and live in Nairobi.

    Hmmmmm and I also wonder how things would be if he started dating Asafa Powell. He's Black and Jamaican, right?