Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Church In The Wild (or Toronto #EatonCentre)

I'm not sure about the elephant, but it's a good video.

I'm going to save my thoughts about the Eaton Centre shooting for another day.  From one of the descriptions of the shooter (20-40 Black male, short dreads), I'm pretty well a suspect, so I'm gonna lie low for a while.

Next thing you know there's going to be an anti-Black pogrom in Canada.  Think about it: you can't even fly on a plane with a tube of toothpaste or you get harassed if you're two shades darker than Snow White, what do you think they're gonna do - I should say, continue doing - to Black people in Toronto? 

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Perhaps an 'anti-black pogrom' (your self-styled martyrdom aside) would ultimately be a good idea for the so-called black 'community.' Of course, all other groups would benefit hugely from this, as well-- and that matters too: the well-being, even, of white males. Perhaps confining the one visibly identifiable group that so strongly correlates (obviously not necessarily inferring causation) with violent crime (over time and place… Detroit, Haiti, London,…) to some area would finally compel its honest, law-abiding majority to weed-out the bad seeds. Unfortunately, in black communities, there many such bad seeds! In the USA, for instance, 12.6% of the population (black) is responsable for/contains within it, an ABSOLUTE majority of all violent crimes, including 52% of all homicides. Mind boggeling!
    The excuses are totally insufficient: poverty, legacy of slavery, et cetera.
    I used to feel sorry for the black people who must live with the occasional foreboding gaze of suspicion, but that pity is wearing thin. If the empathy worked in both directions, that same honest, black majority would candidly address it's own significant, sizable crime problem and not continue to shelter it. Whites generally call-out a criminal, but among blacks there is tribal protection of those thought to be complicit in crime (i.e. OJ Simpson). I can't begin to count the number of Media circuses revolving around hate crime hoaxes. The so-called reverends live off the controversy. The end result is preening white politicians who preach diversity, yet send their children to majority-white/asian private schools… and on that latter point who could blame them!