Sunday, July 1, 2012

Balotelli - Black Athletes Stand Up Against Racism

Would you play for a country that hates you?

Read this article about the Italian hypocrisy.

I'm sorry, but if I'm the reason my country is in the finals of a major championship and you're drawing me as King Kong, I'm quitting.

That goes for any athlete that receives racial persecution from their own country and their media.  You don't make a whole lot of money playing for your national side; it's for the "pride" of playing for your nation.  Take a stand against racism!

See how fast racism would die in the US if every Black athlete said, "forget it, I'm not competing for the US because of Trayvon".  Or how their own Black president is treated.

US basketball?  Dead.  Track and Field?  Dead.  Shoot imagine if every Black athlete in the world decided to not compete and take a stand against racism around the world?  The only thing the Olympics would have is swimming and archery.


  1. Be fair - only the summer Olympics would suffer.

    The question I'm asking: why Black athletes don't say "enough is enough"? Is that an individual decision, or a collective?

    1. There are about 205 NOCs (National Olympic Committees aka countries) for the Summer Olympics and 103 for the Winter Games. The Winter Games is like the younger sibling you have to take with you to the park. Don't want them to feel left out.

      It's safe to say that the Winter Olympics - aka "The Games for the 1%" - is as non-inclusive as it gets.

      @EnoughisEnough: See what happened (financially and politically) to Tommie Smith and John Carlos after they took a stand in Mexico City in 1968.