Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canadian Athlete Watch - Tremaine Harris

If you live in Canada or follow Canadian athletics (track and field), you might be surprised to hear that Canada competes in other events besides the 100m women's hurdles.  Yes, I know this may have come as a shock, and I apologize.

But if you're looking for an under the radar athlete to watch, check out Tremaine Harris.  He has arguably the best chance of all Canadian male sprinters to make a final having just run a 20.22 in the 200m (into a negative headwind, but at altitude - and the third fastest time EVER for a Canadian) less than a week ago.  He's peaking at the right time of the year, so good luck in London.

Outside of Blake, Bolt, and Spearmon as the three locked spots in the 200m final (who knows if Bolt will even run the 200m after his hamstring issues.  Hmm, why do sprinters always have a "slight" injury or tight hamstring after they've lost a race?), if Harris runs consecutive personal bests, don't be surprised if you see him lining up in the 200m final.

You heard it here first.

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