Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Calling - Part III - Dublin, Ireland

My travels have taken me to Dublin, Ireland.  Once again, I saw a lot and learned a lot.  I have a deep respect for Irish history and the Irish people (and for St. Patrick's Day and what Guinness truly means to Dublin and Ireland).

 Think of a famous Irish singer.  Go.
Definite stereotype 

Kilmainham Gaol (jail). (The "kil" prefix that you see in a lot of Irish names, means "church".)  The most (in)famous jail in Ireland, which closed in the 1920s.  Held many of the political prisoners from the five rebellions in Irish history.  Check the story of Joseph Plunkett.

 They filmed the movie "In the Name of the Father" here.
Inside a cell.  I'm a prisoner of something.  I'm a POD.
Dublin Zoo.  Third oldest in the world.
I heard rumours that guinness tasted better in Ireland, and yes, yes, yes, it does.  Especially when it comes out of the Guinness factory in Dublin.
View from the 360 degree bar on a "lovely" day.


  1. Gotta love those lovely 9 degree days!

  2. Ya, lovely, lol. Gotta remember this is July. Yes, July and it's 9 degrees. Next time I visit Northern Europe, I'm gonna do it in the winter.

  3. Maybe it will still be 9 degrees in the winter.

    The shot of you in the cell is a great photograph. Great. Time to read about Plunkett.