Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laurel Broten - Minister of Judas

Please distribute widely.

Watch how the CBC's Suhana Meharchand shows that Laurel Broten - who makes over $165,000 a year - is in fact not wearing any clothes.  Hmmm.  And why is a lawyer the Minister of Education?  Hmmmm.  And I wonder where her two kids go to school (or if they even go to a publicly funded school)?  I'm sure they'll be having a great time in the classroom come September 4th.

How can you say "put students first" if she's not even putting her own children ahead of her own political agenda?  Ya, I'm throwing her under the bus considering she's just a puppet, but that's how it goes in politics, right?

Here's the interview.

Meharchand: "Are teachers not worth it?"

Broten: Question avoided.

Meharchand: "How much does the average teacher make?...What is the number?...I'm sure you have it on your finger tips."

Broten: Question still not answered.

You know what the cool thing is about the internet?  You can Google and see the salaries of public officials who make over $100,000 a year.  The Sunshine List.

All of these folks that make almost 7 times more than what a new teacher would make are in the Ministry of Education.  And none of them have to be a psychologist, musician, artist, coach, role model - oh ya, and surrogate parent - in addition to their job:

Kevin Costante, Deputy Minister - $259, 298.58 
Barry Pervin, Assistant Deputy Minister - $184,548.74
Gabriel Sekaly, Assistant Deputy Minister - $182,182.50
Grant Clarke, Assistant Deputy Minister, Learning and Curriculum - $169,115.07
Soussan Tabari, Chief Information Officer - $167,161.80.

If this is all about cutting the "15 billion dollar deficit" and saving "473 million dollars" by taking it from the salaries of those in education, the provincial government might want to look in the mirror and clean house first.

Take a stroll on this list if you ever wonder where your "taxpayer" dollars are going and to the people that really don't do much, but make a hell of a lot.  Google them, find out where they work, have a conversation, and ask them if they deserve their salaries that you, the taxpayer, are cutting from educating our future generations to put in their pockets.

And I wonder how much it's going to cost to start the Legislature two weeks early?