Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London Calling - Part IV - GB vs. Brazil at Wembley

First live football match.  Wembley Stadium.  London 2012 Olympics.  Great Britain vs. Brazil.

One of 70,000 plus at the stadium (and yes, I'm supporting Kenya as a political statement.  How the hell do they have a White swimmer - who hasn't won a damn thing outside of Africa - carrying their flag when they've got a pile of the best runners in the world?  Ever.  This is the colonial games, folks.  I wonder what Mugabe thought about the White chick carrying his flag).  And for all those wondering about tickets and empty seats, by the end of the match the place was packed.  Minus one section that was completely empty.  Hey Visa, give me a free ticket, man!


  1. The video has me choked up. The medal ceremonies get me every time. Such pride.