Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time to Get Political: McGuinty is a Fraud

I rarely write about things I actually care about on this blog, let alone use this as a platform to speak my political views.  But this is one issue I'm taking to heart because I just can't sit back and watch what our provincial government is doing to the education system (again).

Let's face it, McGuinty is using this back-to-work legislation as political fodder.  From the CAW, the Doctors, the Nurses, CUPE, and pretty well any union that stands in his way, McGuinty, the Liberals, and their foot soldier - the media - is cutting down the foundation he built to get votes, since the political climate has changed.  As it always does.

I've been quite disappointed with the Star's coverage until an article today really hit home the political nature of what is going on and not the rhetoric that "we're putting students first" bullshit.  (Where the hell did this $473 million dollar number come from anyways?  Sounds a lot like that 40% Black kid drop-out number people were throwing around a couple years ago).

Read Cohn's article here.

And if you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo riding and decide to vote Liberal in a couple weeks, you must suffer from some serious Mike Harris-amnesia  (mind you, Hudak would pretty much cut any and all publicly funded groups and have all of us working in Northern Ontario digging minerals - on Native land - like we're in the Industrial Revolution). 

Oh ya, by 2016 McGuinty wants more universities built.  Something ain't adding up, Mr. Dalton.

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  1. I think it is terrible:

    1. how teachers are constantly vilified as a drain on resources. They are professionals who teach 'our' freaking children. They deserve to be paid. If you haven't had a pay raise in your private sector job, that's your problem. Try talking to your boss, or starting a union. This is not a race to the bottom.

    2. how McGuinty fashioned himself as the 'education premier'. That is so false as to be ridiculous now, as you have pointed out Christopher. Wait until we find out more about the plans for 'online universities.' No need for building, just 'creating'. Online learning is inferior, btw.