Monday, November 26, 2012

Congrats Argos

Hats off to the Toronto Argonauts in their Grey Cup win last night.  Even though I like Calgary's QB Kevin Glenn and am reluctantly warming up to Chad Kackert (the Argos dropped Cory Boyd for him), I'm happy that the Argos won.  They have a great team and are well-coached.

For Toronto to repeat next year and dominate like Montreal over the next 5+ years, here are a few things they need to do:

They need to re-sign Cory Boyd and/or sign Avon Cobourne.  While Kackert is good, he's not durable and won't last a full 18-game (plus playoffs) CFL season.  Andre Durie is a good slot receiver, so they need a solid veteran - and durable - running back.

Ricky Ray is the man at QB, but just like how Montreal is going to fall to the pits of nothingness once Calvillo retires and they put in McPherson (they'll probably sign another QB anyway, same way that Toronto was grooming Michael Bishop for an eternity and he never was the next best thing), Toronto needs a young Travis Lulay-esque backup.  

And finally, they need to get out of those ugly ass portables that have been stinking up UTM's campus forever.  Either build something permanent or move out so UTM can put another big old building on their practice field.

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