Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post-Election 2012: What to Expect Tomorrow Morning

...the same damn thing you expected this morning.  Especially if you're Canadian.

If you've been living in the "free" world (how is it free when I gotta pay for everything?), you'll know that tomorrow will be exactly the same as today.  Listen folks, this ain't 1930s Germany.  When I wake up tomorrow, no one is gonna party like it's 2008 or pin a blackened star on my chest.  My landlord ain't gonna congratulate me on having my very own Black president (I was living in London, Ontario in 2008, so you do the math there).

Whether Obama or Romney win tomorrow, here are a few things that won't change:

- Obama will still be a Black Kenyan Muslim
- Romney will still be Ronald Reagan, 2012, and have perfect White man Just-For-Men hair
- The rich will continue to get richer (that's the basis of a liberal democratic capitalist society, folks.  Change the system, not the people who run it if you want real change.)
- China is still gonna make cheap shit
- The NHL will still be on a lockout
- Women will still make less money than men
- First Nations across North America will still be the true forgotten "other"
- Ontario still won't have a leader
- Justin will still be working on plans to renovate his old bedroom in Ottawa
- Haiti will still be struggling to recover
- Gas is still gonna cost more than a dollar a litre
- Smoking will still kill you
- Drinking and driving will still kill you (and others)
- Dalton McGuinty and Judas Broten will continue their illicit affair
- McGuinty's wife still won't say a damn thing in public

And finally:

The Middle Class will not rise up out of suburbia and take over the world one mini-van and big box store at a time.

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