Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#FirstWorldProblems: Obesity is a Bigger Killer Than Malnutrition

I wish I could make this story up.  All jokes aside, why does society pour money into stopping people from gluttony and indolence?  Geeze if you can afford to eat so damn much and sit around playing with yourself all day, pay for your own damn healthcare.

Hey McGuinty!  Want to save some money?  How about you make all the overeating fatties pay for their own healthcare?  I guarantee you'll save more than what you're trying to cut from teachers.  I think the Ford brothers would save you a billion or two come 2020 when their gravy train bodies give out from riding the subway and driving with their bellies.

We live in a really messed up world, man.  Seriously.  More people are dying (except in Black Africa, of course) from eating too much. 

Happy medium solution: 

Clearly there's enough food in the world to go around, so how about every one gets as much as they need.  This has nothing to do with left-leaning socialist ideals, just straight common sense.  There may not be a limit  on how much money a human being "needs", but clearly there's a limit on how much we can eat.


  1. Shifting the focus from 'want' to 'need' would solve this problem in a jiffy. Implant a chip in the brain that requires an answer to the question "do you need to buy/eat/do ________" and things would change very quickly.

  2. Exacto mundo. Cause clearly raising the price of food hasn't worked (see high oil/gas prices here).