Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why the CFL Matters: Marc Trestman

It's no secret that I'm a big CFL fan.  Well, I'm a football fan, with the NFL ranking behind the CFL and NCAA in preference.

But when I heard the news that former Montreal Alouettes head coach, Marc Trestman, was just hired by the Chicago Bears as their new head coach, I felt good as a CFL fan and as a Canadian.  Ya, Trestman is an American, but the fact that he came to Canada, and respected both the CFL, Montreal, the country, and improved the game, I have to tip my hat to him.

And I think that this should go out to all the CFL haters out there saying that the Canadian game isn't as "good" as the NFL; Trestman made a lateral coaching move.  He wasn't hired by an NCAA DIII team, or as a special teams coach in Jacksonville.  The Chicago Bears are a very good NFL team.  So if the NFL recognizes the talent the CFL has up here in our players and our coaches, the haters need to check themselves and learn the nuances of both games and stop buying into the hype of NFL Fantasy Football.

I don't usually pick "favourite" teams, especially in the NFL, but for the sake of Trestman and the CFL, I want the Chicago Bears to do well next season.

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