Monday, February 18, 2013

Stop Snitchin'? Stop Mitchin', Drake (Started From The Bottom)

I like Drake.  I'm not a hater and I don't hate on success.  I like how he reps Toronto and Canada.  I do.

But I can't stand mitches and mitching.  (If you're a fan of Kevin Hart you know you replace the "b" with an "m" for "man".  Voila.)

K, you don't start from the bottom when you were living at your "momma's" house in Forest Hill.  That's like me complaining that my life was so rough and hard growing up because I had two parents that cared about me and provided everything I needed in my life.  But they didn't buy me a car on my 16th birthday.

You also can't say you started from the bottom when as a child you were one of the most famous actors in arguably one of the most popular TV shows to come out of Canada.

Drake, I like your music.  I'm a fan.  But just rap about things you know about: money, women, and success.

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  1. I see that billboard of his that he raps in front of on my way home from work every day lol