Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Black Middle Class

After watching this video, I realized that we in Canada aren't even having the right conversation when we talk about the "Black community".

We lump all Black people together and say that we all have the same trials and tribulations.  The same struggles.  The same wants and desires.  That's like saying that there is no such thing as poor White people in the world.

We talk about how to "fix" the Black community without even acknowledging difference within the community.  Yes, we talk about the ethnic differences, or the generational differences, or immigrant status differences.  But there is very little dialogue when it comes to the class differences in the Black "community".

I'm from a middle class Black family of professionals, do I have the same concerns as the overly publicized shootings of "inner-city" working class Blacks?  Of course not.  It's the same way that White doctors don't have the same concerns as Whites needing social assistance.  So why do we continue to publicly - and academically - lump all Black Canadians in one category thinking we all have the same concerns over such things as gun violence in our neighourboods or 40% dropout rates, when I worry more about getting tenure and publishing than I do worrying about paying rent and finding my next meal?

If I had watched this video 2 or 3 years ago, I would've changed my dissertation topic to the rise of the Black middle class in Canada.  Why?  One of the same reasons why Mary Pattillo chose to study the Black American middle class.

If someone out there is interested in this project, give me a shout.  There is work to be done.

It's a long video, but watch as much as you can.

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