Sunday, June 9, 2013

"It's Time for Black Scholars to Escape the Plantation"

It's sad to say but Boyce is right: I am a slave on the Academic Plantation.  Instead of slaving away cutting cane waiting for massa to throw me a pig tail or foot, I'm (re)writing a dissertation so massa can throw me a piece of paper with three letters on it.

The result is pretty well the same.  A false sense of security.

The article is here.

Here was my response to this article in a different discussion board:

For those of us Black Canadian advanced PhDs/academics, the situation in Canada is much more troubling than what Boyce describes. 

We live in a country where Black people have been "erased" from the historical narrative and ghettoized/marginalized in the present-day "cultural mosaic."  So where is our place amongst the gatekeepers of the Ivory Tower of Canadian Whiteness?  Especially because we don't have any HBCUs.

And anyone who is familiar with the academe knows that agents of the Ivory "White" Tower deliberately and explicitly exclude/undermine/racially discriminate and just don't want Black people to even get the Ph-Dos.

Just don't say "yes massa" all day, change your name to Tom or Sally or Ben or Jemima, and lose your soul in the process.  It's not worth it.

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