Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Odd Couple of the Century: BET and CBC Making "The Book of Negroes"

Yes, that's right.  BET and CBC are collaborating to put out Lawrence Hill's masterpiece, The Book of Negroes (as a TV miniseries).

Yup the same BET of BET: Uncut fame.

And CBC of Mr. Canadian Bigot fame.

I personally think that the book deserves the Spielberg or at least the Spike Lee or at leaaasssst the Tyler Perry treatment.  Shoot, I should at least be able to spend 25 dollars on popcorn and see it in the cinema.

But this might have the Roots effect for the twenty-first century.

Just don't let Jason Kenney or John Baird find out that Canadian taxpayer dollars are being used to support an international "terrorist" organization like Black Entertainment Television.

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