Thursday, August 1, 2013

MoBot vs. Bolt: What Sport (Should Be) All About

If you haven't heard this story it goes something like this:

The best 100m-200m sprinter of all time (Usain Bolt) will be racing the UK's distance king (Mo Farah) in a 600m race.

And here are my two cents on the outcome:

Anyone who has followed Bolt's career knows that first and foremost he is a 400m runner and has trained at that 600m distance.  Fullstop.  So ya, he can sprint 600m no problem.  And if there were a 600m event at the Olympics, he would prolly win that race too.  (Shoot if he trained for an 800m, I'd say he'd medal too.)

For those non-400m sprinters out there, there's a hell of a difference between sprinting 400m and 600m.  Shoot there's a hell of a difference between sprinting 400m and 402m.

And the problem?  Ya the lactic acid will be baking cakes in your hamstrings and quads, but the problem is much more psychological.

If they build a 600m track for this MoBolt showdown (I want a shirt that says that), Bolt will win.  There's something that happens to your mind when you cross the finish line and you have to keep on going.  Bolt only crosses the tape once.  Mo does it like he's changing train lines on the Tube at Victoria station during rush hour.

So my winner?

All genuine sports fan that want to see the best compete against the best.


  1. Is this actually happening?

  2. What would a 600m track look like? A huge oval? or a circle? lol

  3. Hmmm. Good question. If it's a circle I say Mo wins since he's shorter.