Sunday, April 16, 2017

ABCD: Why don't more Black people play hockey?

A lot of folks will use the economic argument that hockey is too expensive compared to sports like soccer, athletics, or basketball.

Which is true. There is no secret that Blacks are lower on the socio-economic ladder than Whites.

But there's something else that mainstream society, particularly in Canada, doesn't want to admit:

Hockey is pretty damn racist.

In fact, I would argue that hockey in Canada is the prime of example of "hidden" racism in our country.

Check how our national sport is actually a colonized appropriation of an Indigenous sport (lacrosse).

Check how violence is a "part of the game" - again, how physical, ideological, and systemic violence is embedded in the fabric of Canadian society.

Check how exclusionary and class-based the game is. From rink fees, to skates, to rep and traveling teams. Hockey is about exclusion and not inclusion. Again, if you look at our society that is the norm.

(Sidenote: Check how sexist the game is. Ask any girl or woman if they are treated equally in this sport.)

And then we have PK Subban.

I can't wait until he retires and speaks the truth about how this country has tried to stereotype and exclude him for being better than the good ol Canadian (White) boy at his own game.

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