Tuesday, August 19, 2014

White People and Their DNA (Destroy Niggers Attitude)

I haven’t written a *viewer discretion is advised* blog post on here for a while, so excuse the rust if my curse words don’t have the desired effect.
Man, there’s some real bullshit going on.
I’m going to sway briefly into what’s going on in Ferguson.  No sense getting into a summary since anyone and everyone who has eyeballs (or thumbs) has heard about the White cop killing the innocent Black boy (and yes, I don’t care what comes out about what lead to his shooting, but no one deserves to be shot in the head – multiple times – by a police officer.  Please refresh your Toronto memories to a non-Black victim named Sammy Yatim).
Unlike a lot of Wal-Martians, I’m not all that surprised with what happened.
That may seem like a very cold thing to say, but why am I going to be surprised when it snows in February?  Why am I going to be surprised that my dog’s shit smells like dog shit?
Why am I going to be surprised that White (men) people kill Black (men, women, and children) people all willy-nilly like we’re cockroaches?
This shit is in White people DNA (Destroy Niggers Attitude).
Historically, White people in the Americas (and throughout the world) have been conditioned to believe that they are better – ahem privileged – and subsequently have inculcated the belief that their existence on this Earth is the only one that matters.
Aboriginal Genocide
Aboriginal Genocide
Aboriginal Genocide
Aboriginal Genocide
Jim Crow
Aboriginal Genocide
(History has shown a flew blips on the radar when White people decided to turn on themselves – WWI and WWII.  However, particularly from WWII and beyond, the White folks have managed to use non-Whiteys to kill other non-Whiteys on their behalf.)
White people have been systemically killing Blacks and other racialized groups for eons.  When they don’t use guns, they use laws, or housing, or loans, or mortgages, or food, or drugs, or disease. 
Shit, you don’t think there isn’t a connection between the spread of Ebola in West Africa and Mike Brown? 
It’s time for me to put on my hoodie (Trayvon Martin), put up my hands (Mike Brown), walk down the street and whistle at a White women (Emmett Till).  What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Health Canada should slap health warnings on Black baby butts like they do with cigarette packs - being Black is a danger to your health.