Sunday, March 31, 2013

Andrea Stuart and "Sugar in the Blood"

Check out this book review from the New York Times on Stuart's (no relation - I think) book, Sugar in the Blood.

Hopefully in a few years you can check out part two to her book, Flying Fish in the Soul, by moi.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Let the Sun Shine (where it really shouldn't)

I think it's fitting that the McGuinty Government (and the public) went "coo coo for cocoa puffs" over teacher salaries to cut the gazillion dollar deficit, when Ontario is paying Meter Maids over $100,000 a year.

How come no one is beating down Thomas Mitchell's door asking him to volunteer his time to coach and sponsor a local school's softball team or drama club?  Taxpayers give him a cool $1.7 million a year.

What about Bill Blair?  Black kids are still killing each other in Toronto while the police turn a blind eye while he takes home nearly $400k.  Why aren't you coaching/sponsoring a local school's basketball team to keep some of these kids from committing community suicide?  You clearly have the money.

Check out the whole list here

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marketing Does Work: Bom Bom and Joe Fresh

If you've seen the Joe Fresh commercials, you may have been like me and thought: "that's a pretty cool song."

Here it is and the video for Sam and the Womp - "Bom Bom."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Female Role Model? Beyonce and "Bow Down"

Say what you want about Beyonce, but this woman is no joke.  Wanna talk about feminism for the 21st century?  Just pop in "Single Ladies" and her new track "Bow Down Bitches."

Snoop Lion Ft. Drake - No Guns Allowed

I may have called Drake a mitch, but his verse is spot on.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FYI to PhDs and Potential PhDs in Canada

Here's a note I received from my local TA union (if it's happening at Queen's, it's bound to have a ripple effect across the country):

The Graduate Studies Executive Council (GSEC) at Queen's University has recently passed a motion forcing mandatory withdrawals after the 2nd year of an MSc program and the 4th year of a PhD program. This move contradicts Statistics Canada figures which indicate that the average PhD completion time is five years, nine months (here). You can read the motion here. Another motion regarding time extensions was tabled due to the time constraints of the meeting itself. You can read this motion here. You can also read more information about this issue, media coverage and students protest in the following website (here). PSAC Local 610 jointly with SOGS sent a support letter to our fellow graduate students at Queens University. You can read the letter on our Facebook page here. If you would like to know further information about this matter or obtain a hard copy of the letter of support, please visit our office.

Will Tiger Woods Ever Learn? Black People Don't Ski

Dude.  Tiger.  Dude!  What are you doing?

Ok, so for those who care about these kind of things, Tiger Woods is now dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.  If you need proof, here's the photo for a Voods Christmas, 2013:

Most (Black) people would get on Tiger for dating another White woman.  Well if not White, a blonde, blue-eyed, Vikingette that kinda looks (exactly) like his gazillion dollar alimony ex-wife (least he won't have to explain to his kids why mommy is no longer White a la Vivian from the Fresh Prince in reverse).

(Sidenote: is it just me, or has Tiger Woods been drinking from the same Benjamin Button/Jamie Foxx fountain?  Or the PGA should test his hats for deer antler residue.)

I'm not hating on Tiger for dating another White woman.  He's rich.  Date whomever or whatever the hell you feel like.  If I had people like Charlie Sheen trying to drink my blood, then I'd get my YOLO on and not worry about what the barbershop and hair salons say about my Nordic fetish.

(Shoot those same haters would be on his case if Tiger showed up at the BET Hip Hop Awards with Alek Wek.)

Mind you, Mrs. Ex-Caracal DuBois (a caracal is a cool ass cat.  Get it?  "Cat of the woods."  Get it?), is now supposedly dating a billionaire, so Tiger had to step up his game and go where no Black man has gone before (we already went to Deep Space Nine):


Ok, Tiger.  So you Blackened golf.  I'll give you props for that.  No longer do we have to carry the heavy ass bags for shitty White golfers.  Even Condoleezza "Republicans Freed The Slaves" Rice rode the Woods wave all the way to Augusta.

But dude.  Dude.  Dude!  Skiing?  Hell no.

I'm one of those people that firmly believe that if parents and coaches steered 50% of Black kids away from basketball and football (because they are "Black" sports) and into hockey, Evander Kane and the Subbans would be the rule and not the exception.

So no I don't see anything fundamentally (or racially) wrong with skiing.  But, and it's a big but, when is the last time you saw this on a golf course?

The golf equivalent to downhill skiing is like playing in a lightning storm.  In a hurricane.  In shark infested water.  All while you've got a nosebleed because you are playing on top of Mount Kill-A-Man-Jaro.

Yes, we all know this relationship could be a ploy for Rolex to roll out its next line of "ski/golf" watches.

But Tiger, my advice to you:

Date LeBron James and get a dog.  Nike would love you forever.  And y'all could wear matching red outfits.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whatzupwitu - Eddie Murphy ft. Michael Jackson

Ummm.  Ya?

Get Fit Like Ivan - Putin Knocks the Fat Out of Russia

When it comes to national physical fitness, the Cold War was won by the Soviets.  And now in 2013, Putin is definitely kicking Mrs. Obama's butt when it comes to getting fat kids fit (or less fat, whichever way you want to look at it).

Don't encourage kids to get in shape - make them get in shape.  Wanna graduate?  Drop that bag of chips and do 1000 pushups in a minute.  I like that model.  I think GTO training will be the new fitness craze come 2016.

I wonder how many kids will start taking PEDs just to pass grade 12?

Oh, and get fit like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Racism Behind the Harlem Shake (2013)

Before you decide to upload a video of you and your polo playing buddies "harlem shaking," please watch this video:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Black Middle Class

After watching this video, I realized that we in Canada aren't even having the right conversation when we talk about the "Black community".

We lump all Black people together and say that we all have the same trials and tribulations.  The same struggles.  The same wants and desires.  That's like saying that there is no such thing as poor White people in the world.

We talk about how to "fix" the Black community without even acknowledging difference within the community.  Yes, we talk about the ethnic differences, or the generational differences, or immigrant status differences.  But there is very little dialogue when it comes to the class differences in the Black "community".

I'm from a middle class Black family of professionals, do I have the same concerns as the overly publicized shootings of "inner-city" working class Blacks?  Of course not.  It's the same way that White doctors don't have the same concerns as Whites needing social assistance.  So why do we continue to publicly - and academically - lump all Black Canadians in one category thinking we all have the same concerns over such things as gun violence in our neighourboods or 40% dropout rates, when I worry more about getting tenure and publishing than I do worrying about paying rent and finding my next meal?

If I had watched this video 2 or 3 years ago, I would've changed my dissertation topic to the rise of the Black middle class in Canada.  Why?  One of the same reasons why Mary Pattillo chose to study the Black American middle class.

If someone out there is interested in this project, give me a shout.  There is work to be done.

It's a long video, but watch as much as you can.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Eye(ball) Tattoos

Ok, I really hope this story is a hoax.  I really do.  If not, this would be by far the most painful tattoo spot known to mankind.