Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wolf of Wall Street's bitcoin warning

Won't see me posting CNN on my blog, but I found this interesting.

argument on Bitcoin -The big bang theory S11EP9

argument on Bitcoin -The big bang theory S11EP9

Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Animations

What is Bitcoin for dummies - A simple explanation for beginners

I have so many questions about Bitcoin. So many questions. One part of me feels like I'm the guy in 1995 that said the Internet was just going to be a fad. Another part of me is feeling like this could be like investing in Nortel or getting a mortgage in Florida in 2004.

Kuttrah - Rock Back (Wallpaper Riddim) "2018 Soca" (Trinidad)

Sleeper of 2017?

I'm surprised that this Wale X Wizkid X Dua Lipa didn't blow up big for 2017.

What's your song of 2017?

Call me biased, or whatever, but this is my song for 2017. Across all genres, this is it.

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home (from Bright: The A...

Migos & Marshmello - Danger (from Bright: The Album) [Music Video]

Got way too much haterade being drunk when it comes to this movie. I thought it was great and had a bunch of levels to it. Well done.

Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (Official Music Video) "2018 Soca" [HD]

Friday, December 29, 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

ABCD: Other predictions

The Raptors will win the Eastern conference.

The Leafs will not make the playoffs.

The Argos will sign Johnny Manziel.

Rogers will sell the Blue Jays.

Drake will get married.

Raw eggs will be the new 'healthy' food.

Slow-steady cardio will make a comeback.

Black people will discover crossfit and dominate.

A new species of banana will hit the grocery shelves.

Bland tasting food will be the 'it' thing.

Bitcoin will crash.

ABCD: My non-academic and non-scientific political predictions for 2018

In Ontario:

All the focus on racism will diminish. Not completely, but it's all about voting season and no one will be rocking the boat.

Marijuana legalization will be hot and then fizzle away in a cloud of smoke.

Brown will do something stupid and Wynne will win a minority government (then quickly resign in 2019).

If Brown doesn't do anything stupid, he will win a minority government.

(Long story short, it will be a minority centrist government in Ontario.)

Busy Signal - Stay So

Shal Marshall - Splinters (Official Music Video) "2018 Soca" [HD]

Destra Garcia - Somebody (Official Music Video) "2018 Soca" [HD]

Tommy Lee Sparta Ft . Preedy - Freaky Girl (Bang Riddim) "2018 Soca" (Of...

AUXGOD Game: I Risked Getting Arrested in NYC!

AUXGOD Tournament: Christmas AUX BATTLE

Trinidad James - Black Santa (Official Video)

Wizkid - Everytime Feat. Future (Official Video)

Major Lazer - Go Dung (feat. Kes)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tifa - This Christmas / Big Bumper Gyal @ Crime Free Christmas 2016

Konshens - Santa Claus is Coming to Town / Couple Up @ Crime Free Christ...

D-Major - Give Love On Christmas Day @ Crime Free Christmas Project 2016

Tessanne Chin - Oh Holy Night @ Crime Free Christmas Project 2016

Busy Signal - 12 Days of Christmas (Free Style) @ Crime Free Christmas P...

Diamond Platnumz - Sikomi (Official Video)

Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Official Music Video) "2018 Soca" [HD]

Kardinal Offishall - Winner (Spanish Remix) ft. Celebrity Marauders, Joe...

Kardinal Offishall - Winner (Official Video) ft. Celebrity Marauders, Jo...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Time to Plug In to AUXGOD

Can I still be a 'minority' if I'm the 'majority'?

With the release of the new 'ethnic' and 'visible minority' data from the 2016 Census a lot of Brown and Black faces were pondering over that question while they sipped on their Starbucks green tea latte as they listened to their favourite podcast on their new Google Home assistant.

(Or maybe it was while they were scarfing down a two-day old piece of pizza as they sprinted to the bus on their way to some kind of precarious employment that paid them a less-than living wage?)

Well, in a White Supremacist society – an environment designed for White people, by White people, and privileges White people – yes, it is possible, and inevitable, that all the non-White, or racialized, faces you see on public transit, are still, and will always be, 'minorities'.

This is not an exercise of 'reverse racism' – which is, for the record, the concept of 'reverse racism' is as real as Donald Trump's hair and his 'unparalleled intellect' – this is stating an uncomfortable real truth. A truth that the fastest growing demographic in this country, Indigenous people, have been fighting against for centuries.

(I also find that stat to be quite misleading, especially considering there is an on-going cultural and physical genocide of Indigenous peoples in Turtle Island).

So what can we do about?

We can fight the system. Protest. Demand change.

But I also want to speak of one small, but impactful thing we can do as the 'major-minority':

Have Black and Brown faces bring White faces to the table to share some of our culture through an art form that we all have a keen interest in.


Hip-Hop music.

And I just don't mean the Miley Cyrus twerking, Justin Timberlake cornrowing, or Iggy Azalea White-girl booty shaking, hip hop or 'urban' music.

I'm talking about the feeling we get when we listen to our favourite 90s old-school jam. That feeling of hope and satisfaction that racism and oppression don't exist, even for just those 3 minutes and 43 seconds.

That feeling when all the United Colours of Benetton at a party rap along in unison to that new Drake track. Well, in unison until the N-word comes along and White folks must go silent (no, White people, you do not have permission to say it even though Drake is 'only' half-Black and he can say it.)

And this is where AUXGOD brings everyone to the table.

Literally and figuratively.

This brainchild of Michael Rousseau, a Black man, is designed for the people – all people.

"The best part is the game creates conversation," says Rousseau.

Shoot, he's even quoted as saying you can take the game to the cottage. Can have those conversations while you sit in your Muskoka chair in your Birkenstocks.

(Let's be real -- after Get Out was released, not many Black and Brown folks are packing up and going to the cottage, so clearly this game is for everyone.)

And this is the point that White folks need to understand:

We are now the majority, we will be your bosses, we will be the CEOs of companies, but this is not about making White people the ideological minority, it's about being in a space and position that we can share our gifts, talents, creativity, and intellect. Where Rousseau's, and many other Black and Brown entrepreneurs', talent can shine.

It's 2017. Change is here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ABCD: Is it productive to call out racists in the workplace?

In my experience? No.


If you call them out and not everyone in your office (especially people in power) agree with you and have your back (and get rid of the person), you're the one that's going to be ostracized.

You might feel good and that you did the right thing, but unless you have enough currency in your organization and a fail safe exit strategy (and some parents with money), you're screwed.

My philosophy is to take all out guerilla warfare on the person(s) or the entire organization. Don't let folks know what's going on, but have a plan and be ruthless in your execution.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ABCD: How many types of White people are there?


"Try to hide it" racists.

"Don't want to believe they are racist" racists.

"Don't even know they are racist" racists (i.e. White folks who work in the diversity and anti racism worlds)

Plantation owner, racists (i.e. Jerry Jones)

Wolf among sheep, racists (i.e. Justin Trudeau)

"I could give two shits" racists (i.e. Trump)

Trying to deconstruct their inherited racism, racists.

Moral of the story:

There is one type of White people.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

ABCD: What do I do if my White boss calls me a monkey and tells me to dance?

Short and long answer:

Once I figure it out myself (without losing my job or getting black-balled, again), I'll let you know.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ABCD: Why does Colin Kaepernick still not have a job?

People like to say that Kaepernick still doesn't have a job in the NFL cause he's Black and was protesting the National White Supremacist call to arms (ie the US national anthem).

I say you are not incorrect, but the true reason is because he betrayed one key thing:

He was the light skinned House Negro that was accepted in to the homes of White America (which is a historical truth as us dark-skinned Negroes were out far back in the fields) and then spit in the master's food and slept with his wife.

Back in the day that would've gotten him castrated and/or lynched (or both cause White folks were/are real sadists). Now he's just unemployed.

And to tell the truth, to be an unemployed Black man in Amurika in 2017 is almost like getting your balls cut off.

White Supremacists are everywhere

We have all this talk about the 'alt-right' and 'right-wing extremist' in their nazi garb and shaved heads looking like Edward Norton from American History X. But, to tell you the truth, I don't fear those folks, nor do I think those are the people we, as Millennial Militants and People of Colour, should be worried about:

It's all those White supremacists in suits, in boardrooms, in classrooms, in the legislature, flying planes, cutting cheques, in operating rooms, and taking my taxes, that I worry about.

Don't let the rhetoric fool you to who is the real threat.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. your White teachers never told you about

Saturday, July 22, 2017

GBM Nutron x Travis World - Be My Baby (Unlax Riddim) "2017 Release"

Fadda Fox & Charly Black - Show Me De Energy (High Life Riddim) "2017 So...

King Bubba FM & Lil Rick - Soca Made Me Do It "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

Lil Rick & Peter Ram - Let's Go Tridents (2017 Cropover Soca) [Official ...

Crop Over Mix 2017 by Close Connections

Barbados Crop Over 2017 Soca Sampler - Dj Puffy

King Bubba FM - Bubbaling (Official Music Video) - Episode 1: "The Maint...

Diamond Platnumz - ENEKA (Official Video)

Usain Bolt wins his last 100m Diamond League Race - Monaco 2017 [1080p]

Patoranking - Hale Hale [Official Video]

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Diamond Platnumz ft Tiwa Savage - Fire ( Official Video)

Diamond Platnumz - ENEKA (Official Video)

Vybz Kartel Feat. Xone - Vices (Prod. By Anson Pro) "2017 Release" [HD]

Lil Rick - Wait Til Tonite "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

Diztrict 7 Ft. King Bubba FM, Kerwin Du Bois & Skinny Fabulous - Plenty ...

Edwin Yearwood - Tax-He "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

Shurwayne Winchester - Cant Wait For It "2017 Soca" (Crop Over)

GBM Nutron x Travis World - Be My Baby (Unlax Riddim) "2017 Release"

Jus D - 9 (Official Audio) "2017 Release" (Barbados)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

WizKid - Naughty Ride (Audio) ft. Major Lazer

Alison Hinds - Come Good "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

King Bubba FM - Bubbaling (Visa Riddim) "2017 Release" (Barbados)

Stabby - Wukkist "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

King Bubba - Welcome Home (Official Lyric Video) "2017 Soca" [HD]

Lil Rick - Energy "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

Dloxx & Machel Montano ft. Teddyson John - Take It Down (St. Lucia Remix...

Edwin Yearwood & Peter Ram - Melody "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

Davido - Fall

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Dynamite - Brave "2017 Soca" [HD]

Maloneyy - Ovaload "2017 Soca" (Barbados)

WizKid - African Bad Gyal feat. Chris Brown (Audio)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review: Episode 5 - "Dear White People"







Truth to Power




Those are just some of the adjectives and descriptors used of Black people (for the sake of this post I will be referring to Black men; however, this does not limit or devalue the contributions, lived experiences, histories, and struggles of Black women).


Black men are COURAGEOUS in the skin they are in. Permanently tattooed with a shade of denigration, hate, and worthlessness.


Black men are BRAVE living in a world that hates the air they breathe and their very existence.


Black men are FEARLESS as they leave their homes for work, risking their very lives as they try to survive.


Black men speak TRUTH to POWER in boardrooms and offices across this country, with the very knowledge that that truth could cost them their jobs. Their homes. Their families. Their lives.


Black men are STRONG in the face of police brutality. If they don’t kill us, they will humiliate and emasculate us.


This is my daily reality.


Every day.


So when I watched Episode 5 of Netflix’s “Dear White People” it struck a chord deep within my very existence as a Black man, and a human being.


(Spoiler alert. I will try my best not to give away too much information. Just go and watch the show.)


I see myself in Reggie.


No, I am Reggie.


He navigates worlds of Blackness, manhood, opportunity, and privilege.


His multiple identities and “communities of belonging” are fluid.


He is well educated. He is well versed in topics other than those that are defined as “Black.”


He walks and talks with confidence.


He is self-assured and walks with his head held high in spaces that he is told that he doesn’t “belong.”


He is unapologetically Black.


But he is also Black. A Black man.


And the system that we live in and the agents that are sent to uphold and enforce the systemic dehumanization of Black men, will never let us forget it.


It might be the silencing of our voices at decision-making tables.


It might be the appropriation of our physical empowerment or our intellectual capacity.


It might be the eye rolls. Or the “just the way it is” comments.


It might be us watching as folks who drip with incompetence get what you worked for. And then look back and smile and say that we were the “problem.”


Black men have a cloak of armour of resilience that is unmatched in our society. We are constantly under attack. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Psychologically.


Our hands are tied behind our backs. We are caged animals, dripping with anger, backed in to a corner, with nowhere to go.


If we lash out and fight back:


We lose.


Dead. If not physically; emotionally, psychologically, and financially.


If we sit back and cower:


We lose.


Our sense of self. Our pride. Our identity as “strong, brave, courageous” Black men. Gone.


So when Reggie is staring at that barrel of a gun, I saw myself.


I saw myself with a choice.  A choice that was already made for me.


A choice that I have no control over.


(Or do I?)


A choice that I will do whatever it takes to make change and live in a society that doesn’t want me to be here.


A society that the boogie man is an educated (and unapologetic) Black man. A boogie man that White men fear more than fear itself; something to be eradicated and destroyed in plain sight.


Reggie made a decision.


And so have I.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Like The Way (Electric Bodega Remix) - Timaya | Official Timaya

Bebe Cool Ft Sauti Sol - Mbozi Zamalwa (2017)

Trey Songz, Vanessa, Neyma, Stonebwoy, Lij Michael & Nyashinski: Body to...

Wizkid ft 2face- Dance

Wizkid - Ghetto Youth

BMYE - Pourquoi Chérie ft. Naza, KeBlack, Youssoupha, Hiro, Jaymax & DJ ...

Hiro Ft. Youssoupha - Touché Coulé (Clip Officiel)

Toofan Ft. Patoranking - "MA GIRL" (Official Dance Demo)

Gyptian - She Say (Sweet Wata Riddim) April 2017

P-Square - Nobody Ugly [Official Video]

WizKid - Come Closer ft. Drake

Wale - My Love (feat. Major Lazer, WizKid, and Dua Lipa) [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Wizkid - Celebrate

King Bubba FM - This Is The Life "2017 Release" (Barbados)

Emage J - Drinks All Night "2017 Soca" (Barbados Crop Over)

Problem Child - Go Tell Yuh Mudda (Group Chat Riddim) "2017 Soca" (SVG)

Leadpipe & Sadis - Fete Masters

Sunday, April 16, 2017

ABCD: Is the legalization of marijuana in Canada steeped in racism?

Hell yes.

There are the local arguments that I've seen about race, incarceration rates, and possession of marijuana.

But I look at this globally and with a North-South lens.

All this big companies in Canada are going to make piles of money on the production and sale of weed.

Meanwhile, you've got the Caribbean, with the perfect growing conditions (literally can grow weed like a weed), and no one is having conversations about the global trade in marijuana.

This could be a form of reparations.

Open up the trading routes for weed from former slave states in the Caribbean, tax the shit out of it.  Meanwhile it creates jobs (and an entire economy) and pumps money back in the region.

This could be a mini sugar revolution.

ABCD: Why do Black people like pit bulls so much?

Because they are fantastic dogs.

The same reason why the vast majority of knowledgeable dog owners love them.

Loyal. Athletic. Trainable. Relatively healthy breed. Good size.

ABCD: Why do Black people like talking about race so much?

We don't.

We just have no choice.

ABCD: Why is crossfit so expensive?


White people don't want Blacks to dominate the sport.

Imagine if golf or gymnastics were cheaper?

ABCD: Why don't more Black people play hockey?

A lot of folks will use the economic argument that hockey is too expensive compared to sports like soccer, athletics, or basketball.

Which is true. There is no secret that Blacks are lower on the socio-economic ladder than Whites.

But there's something else that mainstream society, particularly in Canada, doesn't want to admit:

Hockey is pretty damn racist.

In fact, I would argue that hockey in Canada is the prime of example of "hidden" racism in our country.

Check how our national sport is actually a colonized appropriation of an Indigenous sport (lacrosse).

Check how violence is a "part of the game" - again, how physical, ideological, and systemic violence is embedded in the fabric of Canadian society.

Check how exclusionary and class-based the game is. From rink fees, to skates, to rep and traveling teams. Hockey is about exclusion and not inclusion. Again, if you look at our society that is the norm.

(Sidenote: Check how sexist the game is. Ask any girl or woman if they are treated equally in this sport.)

And then we have PK Subban.

I can't wait until he retires and speaks the truth about how this country has tried to stereotype and exclude him for being better than the good ol Canadian (White) boy at his own game.

ABCD: Are Black people in the Americas worried that Trump will start WWIII?


White people have been at war with Blacks in the Americas since the 16th century.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ABCD: Do all Black men like their women how they like their chicken?


I don't even know what the hell that means, Omarion.

I like my chicken baked, curried, fried, BBQ'd - I pretty much like chicken as long as it is cooked.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ABCD: If racism is so bad, if you had the choice, would you be White?

Short answer:


Long answer:


I love my Blackness like I love life itself.

I need my Blackness like I need air to breathe.

I am unapologetically Black.

The reason I say this is because we, as Black people, have been taught to hate ourselves. And hate each other.

You've got Samuel L. Jackson out there throwing his Black shade on one of the most popular films of 2017. And the highest grossing film by a Black director. It's that type of shit that shows how hardwired we are to hate.

Hate not ourselves, but what Whites taught (and continue to teach) us to be.

ABCD: Can racism be "fixed"?


Depends if (White) people want to fix it.

Depends if the dominant groups in society are willing to a) admit that the reason they are dominant is because they have oppressed darker skinned peoples and b) willing to give up said dominance.

It all depends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ABCD: Obama

I need to officially big up Obama. In the years I've been doing this blog I don't think I've written a post on him.

And you know what?

I've had my fair share of haterade to throw at him,  I will admit that.

But I will also admit that he was/is a fantastic leader. And history will show that he was one of the best.

Hats off to Obama. And waiting to see Michelle be the first female US President soon enough.

Friday, January 6, 2017

ABCD: Is it OK to call someone by their race?

It depends on the context.

If you were just describing someone, for instance you are trying to meet someone for the first time in a crowded place, yup that's cool. However, be sure that it is a descriptor and not a classifier.

Just like how you would point out someone that wears glasses or has red hair.

"I'm looking for this person, he is wearing a brown jacket, a blue hat, about six feet tall, and is South Asian."

The big difference is if the person's race is the only thing that you describe and usually in a negative way.

"Some stupid Brown woman cut in front of me in line at the grocery store."

All about the context, delivery, and purpose.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

ABCD: Do all Black people hate Donald Trump?

Probably. Most likely. At least have quite a bit of disdain towards him. Bare minimum wouldn't agree publicly that they like him.

With the exception of Omarosa.

(I wonder if she was born in the United States with a name like that. Time for Birthers to get on a new project).

Moral of the story: if you are Black and you bow down to massa, he may throw you a bone.

Or shoot you.

Things haven't changed much since slavery, eh?