Sunday, September 11, 2016

Flying Fish in the Great White North

Under the yoke of slavery, colonial domination, poverty and racism, the pride and industry of a nation was born. The epitome of human capitalist greed and disregard for human life — the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the institution of slavery — laid the foundation for the creation of the Black Barbadian beginning in the seventeenth century. Europeans perfected a system of ideological genocide; they destroyed the Self, the being and the existence of the African and created his new being as property. It was a legalized system needed, not for the survival and welfare of European societies, but to provide a luxury for those ignorant to its origins and amass wealth for the few, shielded a continent away from the brutality they created. The Slave Trade was designed to exploit and to profit. It was not a symbiotic relationship; Africans, now slaves in the Americas, did not enter into a binding employment contract with paid wages and benefits. Phenotypic terrorists broke, castrated and raped their bodies, and destroyed their existence. T he institution of slavery was a calculated act of terrorism against humanity and human dignity. Seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and early nineteenth-century Barbados and the West Indies were not the tourist paradises that they are now, but a theatre of war, where the enemy disguised itself under a cloak of lies, violence and greed. Men engaged in the trafficking of human flesh as the insidious ideology of race was created to justify the unjustifiable. To be of a darker skin tone meant enslavement; however, the masters perverted the binary colour stratification once the derivatives of sexual terror compelled them to enslave their own. Fathers raped mothers and whipped daughters. Husbands were emasculated as wives were raped and brutalized. Mothers cried as their sons died slow painful deaths. Welcome to Barbados. T his is where the story begins.