Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr. Vegas - Whenever You're Lonely (Music Video)

One of my favourite reggae songs (and riddims - Suriname Riddim) of 2013.

Chris Gayle - 175 Not Out off 66 Balls

Wow.  Outside of an Olympics that's out in Australia, he's the only sportsman/woman that would make me stay up til 4am to watch them play.  Man is unbelievable.

All kinds of records this man shattered today.

Monday, April 22, 2013

LeBron, D-Wade, Westbrook and NBA Style and Painted Toes (?)

Who am I to comment on another man's style when for the last four months I was rocking "burns" (sideburns that turned into a beard) and a Django goatee.

But when I see NBA player Russell Westbrook wearing a cutoff sweater and no-lens transparent frame glasses, you've got to wonder if he's actually an NBA millionaire or a parrow.

Then on the other side of the closet (you can interpret that in any way you feel fit), you have LeBron "My Mom Has Curtains In That Print From 1987" James.

Then you have Dwyane Wade and his toes

***Warning: male painted toes alert***

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Black students from Ontario find hushpuppies, higher-education and their heritage at U.S. college"

It's saying something when even if one Black kid from the GTA/Ontario/Canada needs to leave this country to go to live in the Confederate Deep "Django" South to feel like they can get an equitable and fair post-secondary education.
Here's an excerpt:

But amid those weighty subjects, here’s another big idea to chew on: Why African-Canadian scholars might feel compelled to go to the U.S. for inspiration to become community leaders back home. What edge do historically black colleges offer?
“It’s a matter of engagement,” says George Dei, a University of Toronto sociology professor and advocate for black-focused education. “If people feel the environment is not inclusive, they can’t identify with the learning environment. There’s a desire to feel a sense of belonging. I think that’s what these students were getting there.”
Dei says the African presence in Canada isn’t as celebrated as it is in the U.S., and argues that Canada should make more visible the contributions, achievements and sacrifices of “role models in our backyard — not just famous people or people in the media.”

Keeping the Ivory Tower "white" in the Great White North.

Check the article here.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

PSY - Gentleman

Are you technically a one-hit-wonder if two of your "hits" sound exactly the same?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baseball? Blue Jays? Yankees? Check Out Gurkeerat Singh in the IPL

I grew up playing baseball, but am in love with cricket (Chris Gayle scoring runs in the IPL makes me happy).

And if you thought cricket wasn't a "sport" check out this catch from the IPL this season:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does Marketing Work? Trinidad James Selling Victoria's Secret Panties

I just put up a post about me liking Trinidad James' new song "Female$ Welcomed."  What I really liked about the song was the second half of it.

So to my surprise, I'm sitting watching Ridiculousness (one of my favourite shows on TV, next to BET's all-star Tuesday night lineup) and I see this commercial:

I'm thinking: "WTF?! Unless Victoria's secret is that they make their underwear out of gold in a factory in Port-of-Spain, there's no way Trinidad James should be welcoming females to buy panties."

I put on my PhD cap and decided to do a little investigative work.

Upon YouTubing (yes it is now a verb), I came across that Trinidad James didn't just sample the song "Sweet Talk" by Kito feat. Reija Lee, the man just lifted half the song without giving them any credit.

And considering the song came out in 2011 and Trinidad James just dropped his "sample," Victoria's Secret ain't no fool:

Who better to sell bras and panties than a misogynist?  Here's the chorus to "Female$ Welcomed":

"Now my side bitch, my main bitch, cause my main ho, ain't feeling me no mo, no mo" (repeat 3 times as you wonder why they invented the thesaurus)

Now that definitely made a few women (and men) out there run out and buy a set of 200 dollar silk panties.

Maybe marketing does work.  Or not.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fat? Better Pay Up to Fly Samoa Air

All jokes aside, I think this makes a whole lot of sense.  CEO Chris Langton summed it up perfectly that you're not paying for the seat, you're paying for the weight.

I don't think there's a difference on whether you're carrying-on that extra 10 pounds in your suitcase or in your gut.  Ten pounds is ten pounds.

"Your weight plus your baggage items is what you pay for.  Simple."

I wonder when Caribbean Airlines is going to start making Trinis put down those doubles and that bottle of rum before they fly?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trinidad James - Female$ Welcomed

Ya, as an academic that is mindful and uber cognizant of race, gender and Black/West Indian identity issues, I really shouldn't like this song, but I do.

Mind you, the lyrics don't make much sense, but sometimes you just gotta take things at face value and not read into everything.  Enjoy it for what is: mindless but enjoyable crap.

Chris Brown - Fine China

Ya, this video is racist.  Ya, this video pretty well fits every "Asian gangster" stereotype.  Ya, this video is Romeo Must Die in reverse.  And ya, Chris Brown should be expelled from school for plagiarizing anything and everything that has to do with Michael Jackson.

But for some reason I like this song.