Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bath Salts are for Baths: Face-Eating Update

So, if a White cop shoots an unarmed Black man (who just happens to be eating another White man's face), is this a racially motivated case for the likes of Jesse Jackson?

Or better yet, if a cop uses deadly force to subdue an unarmed mentally ill man (who just happens to be eating another human's face), is this grounds to prosecute the cop and open up an internal investigation?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Body Time: Hot Songs for the Sprummer (Spring/Summer)

You know summer is around the corner when you get your first smog cough. 

Enjoy the music!

Kes - My Love  (Summer Wave Riddim)

Gyptian - One More Time (Live in Love Riddim)

Peetah Morgan - Caribbean Queen (Live in Love Riddim)

Alaine - Another Love Song (Live in Love Riddim)

Tarrus Riley - Sorry Is A Sorry Word (Live in Love Riddim)

Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)

King Bubba & Lil Rick - We Want Drinks (Popso Kings Riddim)

Lil Rick - Bubble Like She (Slo Wine Riddim)

Lil Rick - I like Muhself (Lord Kitchener Riddim)

Dutty Android - Wineing Dan

Dutty Android & Marz Ville - Down To D Ground

Machel Montano - Go Down (Loudspeaker Riddim)

Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3Zero Riddim)

This song came out for Trinidad Carnival, but for all those drunk drivers out there, please listen and watch this video carefully.

"Miami police kill naked man found eating another man's face"

Um, ya.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congrats Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunil Narine

I'm sending out congrats to the Kolkata Knight Riders for winning the final of the IPL 5.

And to Trinidadian Sunil Narine for being named the most valuable player of the IPL 5.  It's the year of the West Indian in sports.

And honourable mention goes out to Rogers Sportsnet (and OMNI) for showing the match live across all their regional stations.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Believe It or Not: How to Catch Your Man/Woman Cheating, 101

***Nudity and foul language alert***

Some people don't believe in obeah or black magic or voodoo or whatever.  If you're a cosmic horner man/cheater/adulterer, you might want to think twice before you decide to stick it in (or for the ladies, who you let stick it in) if they ain't your monogamous partner.

Might get your mushroom cooked.

Watch the commentary video first with the light skinned twins.


Who do those twins remind you of?

What would you do if a strange man tried to kiss you on the lips?

This is what Will Smith did:

Monday, May 21, 2012

LeBron James is a Child Killer

Or maybe he just likes reading about kids killing kids in The Hunger Games.

I'm glad that there's a response in the blogosphere about ABC covering LeBron reading The Hunger Games before the game yesterday afternoon.  At first I thought it was a setup by LeBron and his people, and that Scholastic and Suzanne Collins paid him a million dollars to crack the book open on the first page to get some publicity.  As if Collins needed LeBron to promote her book series.

Then LeBron put up 40 points, 18 rebounds, and 9 assists.

For all the LeBron haters out there, I will say this, setup or not:

How many grown ass basketball/sports fans, that only read the side of a cereal box, are now going to pick up that book and read it, wondering what the hell kind of mindset it put LeBron in to play so well?

Better yet, how many kids (Black boys especially) who don't think it's cool to read are now going to say "if LeBron reads, it's cool for me to read too".

First with the Trayvon hoodie protest and now with The Hunger Games.  LeBron knows what's up beyond basketball.  This guy sees the forest and not just the trees.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dr.? I Should be a Conduckta

I've been out on the Continent profiling music videos, and now it's time to get back on the bus.

Dutty Android - "Conduckta" - Barbados 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gayle and Bolt: Jamaicans Dominating the World Sports Scene

How many truly global sports are there in the world?

Baseball?  No. The "World Series" is just between American and one Canadian team with players mostly out of North America and the Caribbean.

American Football?  No.  Even though they say the Super Bowl is watched by people all over the world, and the US thinks it is THE whole world, it ain't.

Ice Hockey?  No.  Find me some outdoor ice rinks in Bangladesh or Indonesia and then get back to me.

Basketball?  Yes.  The sport has some serious traction around the world, but who really cares about it outside of March Madness, the NBA and international competition?  There is a reason why the world's best players play in the US and not in Lithuania.

Rugby?  Yes.  Rugby is definitely a global sport.  And once you're made into a Hollywood blockbuster, you know your sport has made it.

Hurling?  I wish.

Then there's football (soccer), athletics (track), and cricket (cricket).  I don't think anyone can argue that football is the most global sport.  With pretty well every country in the world fielding a team that competes internationally, and high quality professional leagues scattered all over the world (yes, the best - and richest - concentrated in Europe), and the World Cup actually being a true World Cup, football is the sport.

Then we have cricket and athletics, and the two Jamaicans that dominate their respective sports, Gayle and Bolt.

Yes, it's only every 4 years that there's an Olympics or every two with a World Championship, but when the world watches, the entire world watches.  And Bolt is indisputably the most recognized track athlete - and I would argue one of the top athletes irrespective of sport - in the world.  He can play cricket too:

If you follow the IPL or cricket, or live in India, South Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, or England, Chris Gayle's name has become an adjective.  His dominant and at-will batting has been described as a "Gayle Storm" or "Gayle Force".  He's the most feared batsmen in T20 cricket, he's a match winner, and he's a fan favourite wherever he plays (except with the WICB, but that's another story).

Yes, Jamaicans are at the top of their game in the global sports arena.

Here's a Pepsi commercial for the football and cricket fans out there:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaching the Unteachable: Social Justice Diatribe

If you shoot a man in cold blood and then perform the surgery to save his life, does that make you a good person?

A good friend of mine - my intellectual brother - sent me this note the other night.  Read it.  Think about it.  Apply it.

 On Friday we will have teachers share with us their social justice best practices because our school would like to infuse a social justice theme into their curricula.  It fucking bothers me to no end.  Social justice is not an import to influence your teaching.  Social justice to me is a substantive understanding of issue regarding power, privilege, context, hierarchy, history and so on.  Social justice teaching cannot just be how it is that we conceptualize ideas and frame them within an unjust curriculum and system.  The quotes below indicate this: 

a)Social justice education does not merely examine difference or diversity but pays careful attention to the systems of power and privilege. Heather Hackman (2005)

b)It [is] not possible to have real social justice if the economic system that shaped social and political life [is] fundamentally unjust. … social justice should not be equated with distributive justice: social justice goes beyond that and addresses fundamental issues of oppression and domination.  Wendy Kohli (2007).

That means that to infuse social justice into the curriculum means you MUST, in my opinion, question the curriculum.  Social justice cannot just be reading about certain issues, it must inform your pedagogy.  That means you must have a pedagogy.  What is that?  Roger Simon says : 

"To me “pedagogy” is a more complex and extensive term than teaching … all of the aspects of educational practice [curriculum content and design, strategies and techniques, evaluation and methods] come together in the realities of what happens in classrooms…talk about pedagogy is simultaneously talk about the details of what students and others might do together and the cultural politics such practices support.  To propose a pedagogy is to propose a political vision."  

Therefore, regardless of what you do, you are conducting a political act.  To not talk about social justice is political, to discuss it in soft liberal ways is political, and to discuss it in robust and substantive ways is also political.  Teaching is a political act.  Therefore, teachers MUST, in my opinion, root their politics in some type of theory or discourse.  If they don't and it is just what they think without any real reflection on themselves the world and teaching, it will revert back to dominant conservative norms.  These norms reproduce the inequities social justice work intends to correct.  In fact, they may be more insidious because their affects are much more subtle and therefore undetectable often until damage is done.  This is what we consider to be a new colonialism in teaching.  We "other" people, we speak for them, we save them, and we continue to take away power through our action and inaction.  We speak and act without reflection of its affect. 

Paulo Freire said "Critical reflection on practice is a requirement of the relationship between theory and practice. Otherwise theory becomes simply blah, blah, blah and practice, pure activism."  

To be a thoughtful and critical educator, one need look at their practice.  In that practice, to actually do social justice work, it must be embodied in how one looks at teaching and learning, students and administration, authority and freedom, democracy and oligarchy.  Once cannot look at student with a deficit mentality but then propose to do social justice work.  Then the work is merely blah blah blah, as Freire says, and it is not at all impactful.  Social justice must be what one lives and breathes.  That is not to say that one gets it "right" on the first go.  However, one is open to being "unfinished", in that they realize they will never get it done and that they are always learning.  True social justice teaching, in my opinion, that is, teaching that is intended to bring about change, need be rooted in the teachers conception of self as a learner that questions even their own motives.  Rumi said " Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself".  Critical reflection on self and practice is foundational to social justice work.  Without it, one is like a ship in a sea without a compass, drifting from here to there, wherever the current takes it.  

In summary, to read a few biographies does not make us social justice educators.  To be angry with systems does not make us social justice educators.  To engage with ideas, conceptions, theories, philosophies, and research that embodies an ethic seeking to bring substantive change to systems that are unjust, is what I believe makes us closer to the noble experiment of social justice education.  Without it we run the risk of reproducing hegemonic ideas, colonial or neocolonial ethics, and aspects of violence that harm children.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Footprints Across Africa: The 4 letter word (most) North American's shy away...

Footprints Across Africa: The 4 letter word (most) North American's shy away...: P.O.O.P. That's right, I said it! Poop. Recently, I received an email from someone in the U.S (based out of Seattle) who is trying to set ...

Bolt Nah Gallis

Thanks to my blog post, Bolt has decided to move on to blacker pastures and dump his Slovakian love.  Or maybe it's because he has the biggest track meet of his life coming up in a few months?  Nope, it was my post.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Mother's Day Top Ten

Last year I decided to do a Father's Day Top Ten, now it's time for the best mothers of all time to be recognized and appreciated on this blog.

Feel free to post suggestions of mothers I may have missed in the comments section.


I don't know what your mother's belly looked like when she was carrying your 8 pound 9 ounce head, but you gotta give some kind of props to Nadya Suleman, right?  She may be crazy with 14 kids, bankrupt, and wants to do a solo porn film, but she's still a single mom.

Marge Simpson

She's yellow, with a blue cylinder afro, and married to Homer Simpson with some bad ass children.  And, she hasn't aged in 20+ years.  Hats off to you, Marge.


Whether you believe the most beautiful women in the world (I argue against that claim) actually had a baby or not (I still can't believe she had sexual intercourse with the Shabba Ranks look-a-like), you gotta say she still looks pretty darn good.  And if you have the confidence to name your kid after a crayon and a poisonous plant, I gotta respect that too.

Lauren London

I won't lie, I had a big crush on Miss London (the woman next to the Boogie Man in the above photo) after watching ATL.  Then I found out that Lil Wayne got her pregnant.  That wasn't the blow for me, it was the fact that he got another woman pregnant around the exact same time.  But after reading this brief interview, I have a lot of respect for Lauren and all of the Crypt Keeper's baby mothers.

Queen Elizabeth II

Ya, her position now may not have the power that it used to, but is your mother's face imprinted on the side of a coin?  Didn't think so.  She's got some messed up children, but I highly doubt she raised them, so I blame the royal wet nurses and nannies for that slip up (sorry Charles).

Michelle Obama

Who would've thought back in high school that Michelle "Big Brows" Robinson would become the most powerful Black mother in the world?

Cersei Lannister

Cersei from Game of Thrones is one interesting mother.  She was married to the King, and after his death (she killed him in a roundabout way), her son became heir to the throne.  The catch is it wasn't the King and her kid, but her and her brother's.  Yes, she and her brother had a baby that now rules the world.  (For those who know anything about royal history, incest wasn't uncommon.)

Halle Berry

I wonder: If I were to take a poll of 100 men, how many would consider incest immoral, disgusting, and wrong, if Halle Berry was their mother?  I wonder.

Britney Spears

Ya, she legally can't make decisions for herself, but hey, she and her children are rich. 

Gloria James

So you're 16 and wondering how you should invest in your future.  Everyone around you is saying go to school, study hard, and one day you'll become the next Michelle Obama.  Or, you look at someone like Gloria James and countless other teenage mothers that gave birth to athletic superstars.  There's only one Michelle, and how many dudes do you think in the NBA and NFL have single mothers?  You've got better odds rolling that dice and being on MTV's 16 and Pregnant than breastfeeding in the White House.  Sad, but true.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Lightning: Usain Bolt Got a White Wifey

First off, I don't even know why this is really news, but hey, Black men with White women will always be a point of contention for some people in the world. 

Is it just me, or is the Local about the same colour as the Slovakian Fashion Designer?

Here's the gist of the story: Bolt is - supposedly - dating a White Ryerson graduate from Slovakia by-way-of Canada named Lubica Slovak (Slovak from Slovakia?  Like being named Christopher Nigger from Nigeria).  Lubica's a fashion designer and good friends of one of my favourite Jamaican artistes, Tami Chynn.  Long story short, there are some Jamaicans out there who are vex (upset, angry) that Bolt got some money and went White.  (If Lubica happens to stumble on this post, please clarify the shoddy reporting in the article.)

So since it's a lead up to the Olympics, I've decided to make a list of Black Jamaican approved women for Mr. Bolt to date.  This list is in no particular order.

Patra: Lubica, I hope you can dip and fall back.

Lady Saw: Lubica, she'll take your man.

Tanya Stephens: Lubica, it's a pity you're White.  I wonder if you were a White Jamaican how that would roll?

Portia Simpson-Miller: If the Prime Minister can dibble dabble in the White foreign pool, I think you're alright.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Angolan Music - Puto Portugues

A little while back I profiled some big songs out of Nigeria, and now here's Puto Portugues out of Angola.  Not sure how many people who read my blog speak portuguese, but I've posted the original video and one of poorer quality that has the english lyrics.

How many North Americans can say they've heard of something positive coming out of Angola?  Well here's De Maria pra Meury.  Enjoy!

Translated Version

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Chronicles of Queen Rhodesia: March 4th, 2012 - The Kibble

DogMan.  Imagine if I you had to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day for your whole life.  I don't mean you get to eat the same hamburger and fries for every meal and wash it down with a coke.  No.  I'm talking about you having to eat oatmeal flavoured cardboard pellets every single freakin' day of your life.

Welcome to my life.

Every morning I wake up and I smell something delicious.  Might be eggs one morning, bacon the next.  Even might get the nice aroma of cow's milk with a hint of cocoa emanating from that DogMan dog-bowl you lift to your mouth using those bionic thumbs your former master was nice enough to buy you.

I sprint up the stairs from my steel prison, waiting to see a nice Never Neverland feast in my steel bowl.  And what do I get? A Never Neverland feast in my bowl.  DogMan?! Seriously.  Do I look like I can imagine good tasting food like Rufio and Peter?   

I won't even bring up lunch, because most times DogMan eats something he puts into that radioactive box.  If he wants to lose his testicles by eating nuclear food, that's his business.


Ah, yes.  Dinner.  That thing where you get to eat all those fancy smelling animals.  Chickens. Cows. Fish. Rabbits. Monkeys.  I don't question what you decide to fry up, I just want me a piece of whatever you're frying up on that heat machine in the kitchen.

I don't really ask for much, do I DogMan?  I know at times it seems like I want to kill you with my FMDs (Farts-of-Mass-Destruction), but that's just love, DogMan.  My way of showing affection is attempted murder in your sleep.

You know what?  I'll even cook, DogMan.  I just ordered a full-body dog hairnet off the internet using your credit card.  Actually, it's not really a hairnet for dogs, but one of those full-bodysuits those Michael dogs used when they were training for their matches.  For some odd reason, the one I ordered had teeth marks in it.  Ah well, it still works.